Final Fantasy XIV – Cowgirl Archer (Mi’qote)

  • This was a challenging piece to work on because of the complex details of the bow. One of my largest pieces and it was so much fun to work on! I hope to make another similar character design someday.

Reverse Falls Tambry

  • This is one of my favorite designs so far. Reverse Tambry is a social media influencer. I figured she would look super cute as a candy streamer. She is addicted to video games and her phone. Volunteer open project created by Helvest. Check out the game here! 
Anime Gravity Falls Illustration Digital Art Character Cute Kawaii
Anime Gravity Falls Illustration Digital Art Character Cute Kawaii

Jaecar the Shadow Ghost Hunter (Archer)

  • Male concept design for a school project. Jaecar’s familar can possess his weapon. Empowering his arrow, the familiar takes control of the shot enemy.

La Embroidere

  • A dangerous, coy femme fatale or the Manic Pixie girl of your dreams? La Embroidere is determined to prove dresses, ribbons, and heels make combat more fun. A murky past left her questioning the why all that remains of her grandfather are his treasured scissors of questionable origin. Now, armed with the Master Needle, grandfather’s scissors, and a lethal fashion sense; La Embroidere knows how to stitch her way around the battlefield.

Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha) and Felix (Re: Zero) Christmas

christmas, holidays, felix, astolfo, femboy, anime, kawaii, cute

Bunny Girl and Furry Maid at Cafe

  • Commission of two original characters
  • 3D models designed for the social platform game, VRChat (Not my art)
  • The client made a t-shirt out of it for Twitch Con!

Male and Female Concept Art Silhouettes

  • Variety of Sci-fi and Fantasy Character Ideas

Skater Girl With Death Yoyo

  • Female concept design for class project. Yoyo with razors and can detach from the string to use as a lethal weapon that rolls. Inspired by Beyblade. Part of my other silhouette series. 

Kitsune with Paint Brush Tails

  • Female concept design for class project. She is a Japanese deity inspired by the Japanese game and folktale, “Okami”. Also based on “Brushogun” from Teen Titans. By dipping her tails in ink or paint, she can use magic to bring her creations to life.

Vampirella from Goatlings

  • Fanart for a friend, using a My Little Pony style. Goatlings is a virtual pet website where you can collect goatlings and play with them. The appearance doll and related items are original member design by yumekitti.

Rat Maid – Fursona Commission

  • Confident, Cute, Ready To Battle! Don’t underestimate her petite stature! She can pack a punch faster than she can pack your lunch!

Owl Bat Creature Design

  • Creature design for a school project. I turned it into a 3D model for an assignment and went with #5. It is a dream eater and can glow in the dark.

Untitled Goose Girl

  • Based off of Untitled Goose Game and the character Xayah from League of Legends.

Avatar profile pictures fanart from Goatlings

  • Goatlings is a virtual pet website where you can collect goatlings and play with them.

Femboy Pride

  • Fun piece made for a friend for Pride Month!

Pokemon Trainer – Marina

  • Custom Pokemon Trainer card

Anime Vampire Boy

  • Fanart practice illustration. 
  • Original design by Laovan.
  • Rat Fursona Commission
  • A rat, mechanical mage based off of Warhammer 40k. Credits to SheoCheese “Omnissiah Save Me”.

Quick Succubus Design

  • For a potential Vtuber model. Succubus inspired by the game Disgaea.

Lunaarity OC, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna Fanart

  • Human versions of My Little Pony princesses. Collaborated with friends to animate. Avatar base by MimsiBunni
  • Uploaded as an animated avatar to the chat website Whirled Club. Music by VyletPony on Youtube.
Artwork - Fantasy Character

Ying Yang Koi Fish – Tattoo Design

Plant Spore Creature and Peach Chipmunk Creature

  • Original Creature Designs for school projects. Inspired by Pokemon.

Tikaani the Tribal Hunter Brawler

  • Turned her final concept into a 3D Model for a school project.

Tundra Climber (left)

  • Wolf Deer Hybrid. Is a mountain climber and pack animal. Can scale steep slopes skillfully, transporting goods and people.
  • Creature Designs for a school assignment (right)

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