Anime Caricature Pricing

Guidelines - See below for examples

All prices are in USD, payment in the form of Paypal or Venmo. Prices are determined by work length in hours (hr), however prices may vary depending on complexity. When you commission from me, you can use it virtually however you want as long as you provide credit to me. It can be monetized on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, etc. You may not reupload it just as it is, nor are you allowed to use it for any harmful purpose.

Please refer to the Commissions page to know what I can do for you!

Message me your ideas with as much detail as possible. Please include image references, color palette, art style, etc.

Find me on my Contact page!

Tier 1: Line Art/Sketch
Headshot: $60 (30mins+)
Full Body: $75 (1 hour+)

Perfect for a quick drawing of one person!

Tier 2: Flat Color
Headshot: $75 (45 mins+)
Full Body: $100 (1 hour+)

Effective for fulfilling the basic needs of a client. Simple colors or shading.

Tier 3: Detailed Render
Headshot: $100 (2-3 hours+)
Full Body: $200 (3-4 hours+)

A more cinematic look with complex details, accessories, etc. – a great way to show off your caricature! Extra cost for more people.

Tier 1: Lineart/Sketch

$60-$75 (30 mins-1 hour+)

Tier 2: Flat Color

$75-$100 (45 mins-1 hour+)

Tier 3: Detailed Render

$100-$200 (2-4 hours+)

Tim Henson Polyphia Fanart
Pokemon Fanart
Kpop Girl Pose

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