About Me

Earth without 'Art' is 'Eh'

Hey there! I'm Lunaarity, aka Rose

 I’m an artist who loves to blend my passion for video games and pop culture into my art. With a style that’s bold and vibrant, I’m always ready to take on a new creative challenge.

   Are you into video games? Have a favorite existing or original character you wish you could bring to life? I can make that happen with my killer concept art skills!

And if you’ve ever dreamed of being a kawaii magical girl or a stealthy shinobi yourself, I can isntantly transform you into an anime caricature that will capture your 2D personality perfectly!

     With my Bachelor’s Degree in Game Art and Development from Southern New Hampshire University, I’d love to be your go-to artist for bringing both your creative visions to life. Let’s go on an epic colorful journey together and have fun collaborating! 

     Located in Idaho

Lunaarity Illustrations

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