About Me

Earth without 'Art' is 'Eh'

Hey there! I'm Lunaarity, aka Rose

   I love to work in an atmosphere where I have the freedom to paint my own thoughts and bring out the best of my creativity. I am really looking forward to is going on this artistic journey with you. I have spent a significant amount of time in developing and nurturing my skills and I feel that freelancing is the best platform for me to apply each one of them completely.

   Do you like video games? Have a persona you like to role play as? Checkout my fantasy characters and creatures! Want to know what you look like as a 2D character? Checkout my anime caricatures.

     I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Art and Development from Southern New Hampshire University.

     Let me make your fantasy a reality. I believe you can achieve success while having fun with it!

     Located near Boise, Idaho

Lunaarity Illustrations

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